Set beautifully between the azure sea and hills overgrown with lush verdure, Barcelona is rightly considered to be the highlight of Spain and of the whole Mediterranean coast. It is a city with a centuries-old history, rich traditions, sandy beaches and impressive architectural heritage, as well as open-hearted and well-wishing people. All of these aspects provide an endless source of interest for the constantly growing flow of tourists, who come to see the amazing natural, cultural and architectural riches of the Catalan capital with their own eyes.

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October 6

Brit Floyd

October 6, 2016 Sant Jordi Club will witness the concert of Pink Floyd's official tribute band known as Brit Floyd. This band will perform legendary songs of Pink Floyd, offering a very spectacular and large-scale show Space and Time. Continuum. Brit Floyd consists of ten professional musicians, and this music band was formed by the participants of The Australian Pink Floyd Show after it was dissolved. The first show of the band took place in 2011. More than one million tickets were sold worldwide, justifying the claim that this show is The World's Greatest Pink Floyd Show. Original approach to performance, great attention to details, spectacular light arrangement, perfect sound and mesmerizing animation make every concert of Brit Floyd a one-of-a-kind extravaganza. Eventually, spectators immerse in the history and legacy of Pink Floyd. The new show program of Brit Floyd includes a collection of the most popular songs from Pink Floyd's five albums. Among these songs are Wish You Were H

November 6


November 8, 2016 Razzmatazz will host the concert of a popular British folk singer Michael David Rosenberg, better known by his stage name Passenger. The artist would be touring Europe, presenting his new music album Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea, which would be released in September. This singer and songwriter from England began his music career at the age of 16, together with the musician Andrew Phillips in 2003. At that time these talented guys formed the band Passenger. Phillips was the lead vocalist and author of many songs. However, this music collective was dissolved in 2009, after they released the one and only album. Michael David Rosenberg began to perform as Passenger, and his single Let Her Go, which got to the top of music charts in 16 countries and received several dozens of music awards (including the Best Folk Song of 2013), brought him worldwide popularity. Passenger would release the new album in September, and the artist would present new and well-known hits d

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Park Catalonia in Miniature

Situated in Barcelona’s outskirts, the unique Park Catalonia in Miniature (Catalunya en Miniatura) has gathered mini-copies of the most meaningful and interesting sights of Catalonia on its territory of 6 hectares. It was created in 1983 and was the biggest park of miniatures in the world at that ti

National Art Museum of Catalonia

National Art Museum of Catalonia, whose elegant building proudly towers on the Montjuïc hill, is rightly considered to be one of the most important and interesting museums not only in Barcelona, but also in the whole Spain. Up to one million people yearly visit its permanent expositions.
It is quite


The colorful fishing quarter Barceloneta is situated in the central part of Barcelona, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Old Town. Its narrow streets, elegant miniature balconies on the houses’ facades and the scent of the sea that soars everywhere attract no less than historical sights and famo

Port Vell

The Old Harbour (Port Vell) abutting with the Gothic quarter and Barceloneta is the oldest part of Barcelona’s sea port. Now it has turned into a huge area of recreation, sport and entertainment, which annually receives up to 16 million guests.
Barcelona’s harbour has a long-standing history. There

Barcelona's Beaches

Situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona brags about many kilometers of sandy beaches, which receive up to seven million vacationers from all over the world per year. It is hard to imagine, but up until recently the city hardly had a beach zone. Now Barcelona’s coastline features mo

Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic)

The truly unique Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic) is a real pride of Barcelona, its oldest part, where the ancient Greek settlement Barcino was located and from where the history of the city started. The labyrinth of its narrow streets starts from the Catalonia Square (Plaça de Catalunya) and stretches


The Montjuïc hill is one of the most symbolic places in Barcelona, where the number of tourist magnets and interesting sights goes of scale. Both locals and Catalan capital’s guests like to spend time on its cozy terraces and in its park areas. They are attracted by wonderful observation platforms,

Palau de la Virreina

The elegant building of the Palau de la Virreina lurks in the famous Barcelona street La Rambla. It is one of the many token samples of baroque and rococo architecture in the Catalan capital.
The palace was raised by order of the viceroy of Peru in the style of Italian palazzo, in the second half of

Torre de Collserola

The Torre de Collserola towers over the namesake hill and the city park. It is seen virtually from all parts of the city and is reckoned among the best observation decks of Barcelona.
The 288-meter-high futuristic tower is famous British architect’s project, which was implemented thanks to the Olymp